Crazy Crazy Hex Bugs

I love Hex Bugs, Moomba loves Hex bugs, Raja loves Hex Bugs. So as a practical gift idea I asked Santa for, you guessed it! Hex Bugs! I got what I asked for. Moomba, Raja and I have been busy playing with them a lot! As you probably have seen or heard, there are a need breed of Hex Bugs called V2s, they climb through tubes that turn and go completely vertical.They look way different then the normal Hex Bugs that do not go up and down tubes. For Christmas I got both types of Hex Bugs. I already had a giant set from my birthday and a small set from my birthday a few years ago, so with the three Hex Bug sets I created a multi story structure, with zip lines and high drops and exit tunnels. Here are pictures summarizing my post:

Hex Bugs-1 Hex Bugs-4 Hex Bugs-5 Hex Bugs-6

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